Nosferatu with Live Soundscape

with symphonic soundscape
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience Berlin
transmediale + CTM Vorspiel 2018

February, 3 2018 | 19:00


After a spectacular and well received performance 2016 in London with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience at The Lime Wharf with maestro musicians & artists based in London, The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience will be gracing the stage of the Delphi performing an improvised symphonic soundscape to the 1922 German Expressionist horror film ‘Nosferatu’, (directed by F. W. Murnau).

The performance will begin with an opening ceremony where Aude Françoise and Cristiana LaFenice Palias will perform together in a metatheatrical surreal exhibition combining voice and projection. Aude will use projectors to create a series of shadow sculptures, combining paper cuts, color filters and glass material projecting on the ceiling of the cinema. During the evening the composition evolves in an organic manner, creating a dramatic but subtle light composition in conjunction with the movie. The room will be filled with diffracted light object slowly modified by performative gestures, as an improvised visual collage. The cinema will be immersed in a multi directional light-play, immersing the spectators in floating light decor.

Cristiana uses her voice as a sonic point of departure, re-enacting the persona of Ellen Hutter, the protagonist female in Nosferatu. This opening ceremony will be followed by the screening of NOSFERATU – SYMPHONIE DES GRAUENS, accompanied by the improvised live set of the symphonic soundscape by Derrick Cooper Marquardt & The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience Berlin.

Aftershow: After the film we will present 10 min. performance from Femina Nicht Grata, a Ritual performance for collective healing and rebirth.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: accidental guitar | Wilfried Hanrath: bass-guitar, sounds | Jens Prümper: electronics | Stefan Zöllner: electronics | Norbert Zajac: vocals | Brigitte Küpper: vocals | Gaby Bila-Günther: spoken word | Simone Weißenfels : piano | Anja Kreysing: Sound Artist and Accordionist | Oliver Rivera Drew: Drums & Percussion | Diego Ferri: samplers and percussions | Fabio Campagna: prepared organ electronics | Emiliano Pietrini: Theremin | Ulrike Brand – VIOLONCELLO | Andréa Bryan: video-performance | Aude Françoise : video-performance | Lena Chen aka Femina Non Grata : A ritual performance for collective healing and rebirth | Cristiana LaFenice Palias : Film & Event Assistant | Marius Roth: film & camera documentation | Bert Loewenherz: foto documentation | Kerstin Böttcher: Press