More Than One Species

More Than One Species
Choreography: Takako Suzuki

05. December 2017, 8pm German premiere
06. December 2017, 8pm


“More than one species” is a dialogue about sexuality manifested and at the same time hidden in Georgian culture and social construct. It explores the perception of the human body, its freedoms and constraints, throughout the country’s last decades. The dancers and musicians come from the traditional as well as experimental dance and music scene. They bring their experience to create an installation, where working process is inspired by personal interviews, myths, legends, and images from the visual arts and real life.

The piece is part of a cross platform project The Mysterious Georgian Body. Through various artistic activities the project aims to reflect upon Georgia’s recent history of sexuality.

Concept, direction and choreography Takako Suzuki | JP/DE
Music composition Matthias Müller | DE
Dancers Elene Enukidze, Giorgi Gulisashvili, Lasha Mdzinarishvili | GE
Musicians Giorgi Iremashvili (percussion), Giorgi Zenaishvili (string instuments) | GE, Matthias Müller (trombone)
Costume Design Simon Machabeli | GE
Light design Vazha Aprasidze, Tilman Agueras | GE/DE
Stage design Takako Suzuki
Artistic advice Inna Margvelashvili | GE
Curating and general concept Salomé Jashi | GE/DE

“More than one species” is a Georgian-German co-production Produced by Indigo Publishing with the support of Goethe Institute’s International Coproduction Fund, Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection, Tbilisi Municipality, Women’s Fund Georgia, BetterFly Advertising in partnership with the South Caucasus Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival in Tbilisi. The piece is part of the Georgian-German Year 2017.