by HTM Berlin Hamburg
Eurythmy Theatre Production based on a text by Judith Hermann

February 2, 2018 | 20:00


HUNTER-TOMPSON‐MUSIK combines movement, scene, dialogue, narration, music collage, song and light design into a 70‐minute stage play. In the center of the production the self‐titled text of the Berlin author Judith Hermann from the storybook “Sommerhaus, später ” (1998 S. Fischer Verlag). On display is the story of Hunter Tompson, a resident of a run‐down New York hotel, an asylum for the elderly, of his inspirational music and an unexpected encounter with a young woman that will turn his everyday life upside down, with an uncertain outcome…

I found the ‚melange’ of drama and eurythmy quite unique, (…) through the fluid changes of roles, this mixing and merging (…) pleased and enlivens and satisfies …” (from the premiere in Hamburg 5.11.17 / C.G. Berlin)

dancers /actresses Charlotte C. Frisch, Bettina Grube, Roswitha Meyer‐Wahl directors Kjell ‐ Johan Häggmark (choreography), Bodo Bühling (theatre) composer Mela Meierhans with the music ‐ Collage *) with works by Bach, Meierhans, Mozart, Satie  costume designer Katja Nestle / onnenlinna berlin light design / sound technology Stephan Kraske

*) The works of Bach, Mozart, Satie are played by Laura Gallati, piano (recorded 2017), the works of Meierhans are played by Felix Kroll, accordion (recorded 2017) Sponsors of the project: GLS Treuhand, Verein oh‐r42 e.V. Berlin, Stiftung Evidenz CH, Förderstiftung Anthroposophie, Stiftung EDITH MARYON, Damus Donata e.V. as well as private donators. Performance rights with S. Fischer Verlag Frankfurt am Main.