GlobalEAR Arktis

GlobalEAR Arktis

GlobalEAR Arktis – Licht ins Dunkel
El Perro Andaluz & Arktisk Sinfonietta
March 4, 2018 | 19:30

New music from Dresden fused with the northernmost chamber orchestra in the world.

The ensemble for contemporary music El Perro Andaluz from Dresden, together with the Arktis Sinfonietta from Tromsø (Norway), the world’s northernmost chamber orchestra, present music from beyond the Arctic Circle. GlobalEAR Arktis – Licht ins Dunkel (light into dark) not only transgresses boundaries geographically but also stylistically. Bonds from classical music, jazz and rock suddenly hit on creaky avant-garde, jazz and rock sounds, live electronics on traditional folklore. Visual elements convey a picture of the breadth of the Arctic and the scurrility of dry Norwegian humor.

The evening is a unique opportunity to experience the incomparable musical language of the Nordic composers!

Music and videos by Steingrímur Rohloff, Rolf Wallin, Lars Skoglund, Kristine Tjøgersen and Helge Sund | http://www.elperroandaluz.de/

Helge Sund: Arctic Speed, performed by Arktisk Sinfonietta
Lars Skoglund: La Boutique Obscure, hommage à Georges Perec


Love you… not forever!

Love you… not forever!

Love you … not forever!
By Granhøj Dans
A technological dance performance (World premiere)
March 7 and 8, 2018 | 20:00

Internationally acknowledged dance company Granhøj Dans from Denmark appears for the first time on a Berlin stage!

A young man explores the world of love through his smartphone and the boundaries of how bodily expressions are articulated and exposed in virtual reproduction.

Through the camera of his smartphone he observes four dancers involved in a love drama. These images and videos are projected live during the performance. The physical  life is set in contrast to the smartphones’ production of virtual life. The audiences’ involvement will therefore alternate between their experience of what happens in the drama between the four dancers, and the young observer’s experience of the same.
The man chooses a non-binding reproduction of bodily expressions and love over so called reality. He lives his life through his smartphone’s production of virtual life – a simulated life – using the smartphone for self- affirmation to create the identity and reality that he wants to be associated with. For some this identity would be the perfect twosomeness or lonley threesomeness……. can it end in loneliness for him?

The performance also explores the smartphone’s infiltration of all aspects of our lives highlighting the relationships between the private, intimate and public spheres which all glide into each other.

Granhøj Dans is an internationally acknowledged dance company that has its base in Denmark. The productions of Granhøj Dans are created by the company’s artistic director and choreographer Palle Granhøj, in close co-operation with the dancers. The starting point of every production is the Obstruction Technique developed by Palle Granhøj, and which has made possible the creation of about 25 original works the last 25 years. http://www.granhoj.dk/

Duration: app. 1 hour

With English surtitles

Choreography / Director Palle Granhøj Dancers Sophia Pintzou (Greece), Mikolaj Karczewski  (Poland), Laszlo Fulop (Hungary), Aron Leon Darabont (Hungary), Gabriella Bacsó (Hungary) Co-production partners Teater Nordkraft ( Aalborg, DK), Teaterøen ( København, DK), Tanec Praha/ PONEC ( Prag, CZ ) SPAM! rete per le arti contemporanee ( Lucca, IT )


Robar el día

Robar el día

Robar el día (Stiehl den Tag / To Steal the Day)
By New Verse Drama Ensemble
Theatre (World Premiere)
March 15, 16 and 17, 2018 | 20:00

Northern France, 1918. A seamstress prays that her husband receives a nonlethal wound so that he may be sent back home from the war. Her simple act of faith triggers a chain of fateful events involving her French husband, a teenage German soldier and his wounded lieutenant.
What does it mean to be a useless hero? A wife a gripped by forlorn desire? A cowardly lover of life? The last boy standing in the heart of no man’s land?

In Spanish verse that goes from the austere to the flamboyant and weaves action-packed drama with poignant lyricism, Mexican poet and director Alfredo Félix-Díaz conjures a war-torn landscape that seems spiritually possessed by the willful force of nature. Robar el día is a dramatic meditation on the clash between nature and technology which, a hundred years after the end of World War I, has become a crucial global dilemma.

In Spanish with German surtitles. English surtitles on March 16.

With Larissa Offner, Felipe Orobón, Jordi Robles, Jorge Alejandro Suárez, Alberto Wolf | Written and directed by Alfredo Félix-Díaz | Art Director Carmen Delait | Stage Design Ana Karen Orozco | Original songs by Matthieu Tanguay-Carel and Alfredo Félix-Díaz | Assistant Director Ángel Esmediche.

Produced by New Verse Drama Ensemble in co production with Tallercito and the Mexican Embassy in Germany.


RSB Chamber Concert

RSB Chamber Concert

RSB Chamber Concert
Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin
March 22, 2018 | 19:30

Tickets: https://www.shop.rsb-online.de

This concert is for the fun of it! Dániel Ember, solo horn player of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, has put together a colorful, entertaining program together with many colleagues from the 2017/2018 orchestra.

Naturally, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s eponymous “Ein Musikalischer Spaß” sextet for two violins, viola, double bass and two horns should not be missed, among others such as Luciano Berio’s “Call” (St. Louis Fanfare) for brass quintet Kerry Turner’s “Casbah of Tetouan” for five horns, Paul Hindemiths Overture to the “Flying Dutchman” – as played at sight by a second-rate concert orchestra at the village well at 7 o’clock in the morning – Leonard Bernstein’s “Dance Suite” for Brass Quintet and Francis Poulenc’s Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone

Florian Dörpholz / trumpet| Patrik Hofer / trumpet| Edgar Manyak / trombone| Georg Schwark / tuba | Dániel Ember / horn | Anne Mentzen / horn |Ingo Klinkhammer / horn | Uwe Holjewilken / horn | Frank Stephan / horn | Juliane Manyak / viola Rodrigo Bauzá / viola| Lydia Rinecker / Viola | Georg Boge / violoncello| Axel Buschmann / double bass

Presented by tip Berlin. A concert with Deutschlandfunk.