Olympic Orchestra
May 10, 2018 | 20:00

The 16-piece Olympic Orchestra crosses boundaries between jazz, pop and chamber music, reminiscent of bands like Sigur Ros, Woodkid and Snarky Puppy. Visually, the orchestra is characterised by its minimalist aesthetics. With impressive lighting concepts and pictorial music the listener will be taken on a journey through sound and image.
The orchestra consisting of 16 musicians from Germany and Poland presents its debut album „Ground” – including members of the “Deutsche Oper” and winners of the renowned „Europäischen Burghauser Nachwuchs Jazzpreis”.


COMPOSITION & DIRECTION Fabian Sackis SINGING Veronika Morscher | Rebekka Ziegler | Laura Totenhagen | Victor Rodriguez STRINGS Magdalena Ksiadzyna | Maria Reich | Paulina Szudrowicz | Margarethe Niebuhr BLOWERS Konstantin Döben | Otto Hirte | Marc Doffey | Jan Landowski PERCUSSIONS Fabian Sackis | Benjamin Geyer | Leo Eisenach | Lukas Akintaya


Punk Opera
May 11 & 13 | 20:00

ALCHEMY OF PUNK is an eclectic punk opera composed of classical music, baroque songs, mediaeval madrigals, punk music, industrial rock, cabaret and chansons; a groundbreaking extravaganza, bringing together the greatest voices of classical opera, punk and industrial rock in an explosive spectacle, melting together theatrical and musical experience, video installation and live performance. The Punk Opera is constantly crossing the lines between high art and subculture, deploying transgressions regarding genre, gender, time and age, the exploration of interspaces between dance, music, theater, video and the melting together of classical music with punk into an eclectic composition, in search of a possible genealogy of punk. It is about a heritage of subversion, rebellion and freedom, discovered and transmitted in many forms throughout art history.

Featuring the star soprano Simone Kermes, along with underground diva Mona Mur and the legend of industrial music En Esch (exKMFDM), FM Einheit, acclaimed industrial and electronic musician, and former founding member of the Einstürzende Neubauten, the French chanteuse Zazie de Paris, together with brilliant German bariton Max Raabe, the Swiss conceptual artist Dieter Meier, founder of the famous electro-pop duo Yello and many more. All these artists have one thing in common: strict uncompromisingness, lust for transgression, and claim for authenticity.


Aneta Panek – Concept, Artistic Direction & Camera | Diana Näcke – Montage & Camera | Ulf Scheel – Sound | Mona Mur – Sound Mix | Patricia Walczak & Misa Namura – Costumes | Yvonne Joseph & Pascale Jean-Louis – Make-up | Jan Bek – Production | Stefan Wolf, Marcelo Schmittner & Piotr Mordel – Lights | Tilman Agueras – Technics

Musicians & Performers: Simone Kermes – Soprano | Daniel Heide – Piano | Matthias Eichhorn – Bass | Jan Roth – Drumms | Mona Mur – Vocals | En Esch – E-Guitar and Vocals | FM Einheit – Electronic Music | Zazie de Paris – Vocals | Gerhard A. Schiewe – Accordeon | Max Raabe – Vocals | Takushi Minagawa – Countertenor | Rieko Okuda – Synthesizer | Dieter Meier – Guitar & Vocals | Gina Schulte Am Hülse – Vocals | Lutz Fahrenkrog-Petersen – Bass | Mike Vamp – Guitar | Thomas Pfalz – Saxophone & Harmonica | Emanuel Hauptmann – Drumms | Parisienne Sasazuka – Drag Queen Striptease | Anna Bloda – Burlesque Performance | Hope Fukiko – Angel | Kostek Szydłowski – Devil | Susana Abdul Majid – Dervish | Andrzej T. Wirth – the false Prophet | Yoriko Maeno – Dance | Meritxell Campos Olivé – Dance | Martin Buczko – Dance

Berlin Burlesque Week

Berlin Burlesque Week’s
Burlesque Show
May 12, 2018 | 20:00

The Berlin Burlesque Week finishes off with a bombastic climax as we all come together for a sensational GALA SPECTACULAR! Featuring some of the finest performers from Berlin and beyond. The Gala Spectacular! is the featured event, summing up a week of fantastic shows including drag, burlesque, circus, and more! Don’t miss your opportunity to see international artists!

Headliner: Michelle L’amour (USA) Host: Koko La Douce (CH)

Performer: Ginger Synne (DE) | Akynos in Koffee (USA) | Ruby Champagne (USA) | Tom Harlow (UK) | Lotta Love (SK) | The Diamond Dahlia (AUS) | Viv Clicquot (CA) | Alexander the Great (USA) | La Viola Vixen (AUS) | Whisky Falls (UK) Stage Crew: Louise the Breeze (FR) | Lolita Va Voom (USA)


CYBORG-CITY / The Battle of Troy.kon
Borgtheater – cyborg performing theater
18.-20. May 2018 | 19:00 to 22:00
world premiere

Without you, there’s no game!

After the successful conclusion of the Heraclid trilogy at the Berlin Performing Arts Festival 2016 (link: reviews and video on we now move to the next level – after CYBORG-CITY 2048, whose inhabitants are digitized / subjected to a simulated world at an advanced stage.

The spectators enter this city of the future as players on the side of cyborgians or trojakonics, and fight for or against the primacy of mechanization and digitization, for or against the disembodiment of man. They go from room to room and set figures and scenes in motion – like in a video game. Like (video game) players, they must demonstrate their learned skills in confrontation.

CYBORG-CITY / The Battle for Troy.kon is the new production of the serial
Concept Cybernetic Organism Theater, which gives viewers the opportunity to take responsibility for and the consequences of digitization and mechanization through participation. The interactive game developed in collaboration with a game designer transforms the virtual world, the characters of a video-computer game into concrete games between the player and the actor. The participation of the spectators makes it possible to experience what happens when it is no longer possible to distinguish between reality and simulation, diversity has been lost due to the need to optimize, and the power center Cyborg Valley threatens to subjugate everything.

Admission is in 7 minute intervals in groups of 6 audience. You must book a specific time. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your allotted time, latecomers will not be admitted.

This show is interactive and performed in German, good efficiency in German is necessary to participate.

WITH Ensemble Cybernetic Organism Theater | DIRECTOR, DRAMATURGIE, PIECE DEVELOPMENT Kasteleiner / König | COMPUTER GAME CONSULT Inge Ling | STAGE N.N. | COSTUME Laura Burkhardt | PRODUCTION cyborgproduction

In cooperation with: Jugendkulturzentrum Königstadt.
SPONSORED by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung and the district office Berlin-Pankow.

The Wandering

The Wandering
Opera Ivré in collaboration with Per Aspera
May 24 & 25, 2018 | 20:00
May 27, 2018 | 17:00
June 6, 2018 | 20:00 (part of Performing Arts Festival Berlin)

The Wandering is a stream-of-consciousness opera based on James Joyce’s Ulysses. It takes its libretto directly from the text of Ulysses by extracting and assembling sentences and phrases into pieces of a puzzle. With the same irreverence as Joyce
transformed the Odyssey into a modern reflection on humanity, so The Wandering extracts Ulysses into a very current Berlin story – a walking tone-poem on the migration of the modern human being through life in search of meaning. A fire in the human psyche is triggered musically by the use of simple counterpoints and thematic repetition.

The piece is decidedly Berlin, as a collaboration between Opera Ivre (Ken Shakin), Tacheles Art Academy (Tim Roeloffs, Txus Parras, Anita Greschak), and Per Aspera (Brina Stinehelfer, Theater im Delphi) the style and themes of the show are alive with Berlin references and influences, past and present. The audience can expect to sink into an absurd, interactive, and moving underworld with a cast of misfits in search of hope, satisfaction, and ultimately a life worth living.

Ken Shakin, composer | Brina Stinehelfer, director | Tim Roeloffs, art director

Donna Lee, soprano |Alexander Simoes, tenor | DaRell Haynes, baritone | Sabia Kahn, performer | Udo Wiegand, performer | Sarah McKee, performer | Ken Shakin, music director | Tim Roeloffs, set & props | Txus Parras, Animation | Anita Greschak, Costume design | Tilman Agueras, Video & Light design

Berlin Music Video Awards

Berlin Music Video Awards
The “Glittering Carpet” Event
Final Ceremony | Final Awards
May 26 | 18:00

After five successful editions, the Berlin Music Video Awards, which started as a local competition in 2013, is now considered one of the largest international music video festivals. The four-day festival features screenings of the winning videos, award ceremonies, live shows, workshops and parties, without losing sight of its roots and thereby personal touch. Some of the best music video makers, renowned producers and labels will be there.

The glamorous closing ceremony delivers a diverse program featuring the winners, special guests and live shows. Fashion is an integral part of music videos, which is why the finale of the Berlin Music Video Awards will reward the best alternative designers with a small fashion show.



La Périchole

by Jacques Offenbach

Performed by the students of the music conservatory ‘Hanns Eisler’ Berlin.

January 23 and 24, 2018 | 19:30


A street-singer’s affair with a viceroy: Excerpts from an Offenbach-operetta about power, hunger, and hope for a better life. Staged and sung by the students of music conservatory ‘Hanns Eisler’ Berlin. A four-part grotesque-absurd tragedy intended to laugh along.

Directors Gabrielė Bakšytė, Christoph Clausen, Johanna Frech, Ruth Asralda | Mentoring Prof. Corinna von Rad | Musical direction Prof. Byron Knutson | Set and costume design Lena Bohnet, Doris Mumhofer, Hana Reintges, Philine Stich

A cooperation with the degree program of Costume and Set Design of the Academy of fine arts Weißensee Berlin.

RSB Chamber Concert

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

January 25, 2018 | 19:30


Allow this concert to be a work of art in its entirety: the morbid charm of the old silent film cinema, the illustratively inspiring pictures of the screen behind the chamber orchestra and the music with a range from Sacher torte to dry bread. In addition a good glass of red wine!

Puccini’s chrysanthemums at the beginning seem to be flinging themselves charmingly to make way for Stravinsky’s brilliant string-strokes. Steffen Tast likes to combine it with Georges Méliès’ film “Journey to the Moon” from 1902. This combination promises a sensual adventure: informative, funny, imaginative, amusing. The interval is followed by crass “minimal music” by Steve Reich. Four violins are all play the same music, but gradually offset by split seconds. This constant irritation you can only resist – with all pleasure – just as long as the piece lasts: nine minutes.

And then: Prepare yourself for the high-flying thoroughbred sounds of Verdi’s string quartet.

Direction Steffen Tast


Electroacoustic Composition
by Luca Forcucci | Cello: Ulrike Brand
transmediale + CTM Vorspiel 2018

January 27, 2018 | 19:00


Bodyscape is a site-specific electroacoustic composition with live electronics and cello. The performance space and its architectural resonating and spatial characteristics are included. The main idea focuses on the body as the initial source of inspiration and sonic source, as well as reworked live recordings from performances at the Lab Gallery in San Francisco, USA at Centre Friedrich Dürrenmatt in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Bodyscape includes as well field recordings at the border of Botswana and South Africa. Then, the research was conducted further in other regions of South Africa and on the base of a text from the Swiss writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt (L’épidémie virale en Afrique du sud) from December 2015 to January 2016.

The novel was published originally in the column of a Swiss newspaper and describes a virus transforming the body of white persons into black ones. A text about privileges and how those are kept in a specific context. Luca Forcucci explored the country with the text in mind and observed the division after the end of the apartheid. The composition includes layers of cut-up text, pictures, video and sound composed into an electroacoustic piece, like a road movie.

Live Electronics, Field Recordings, Composition, Video Luca Forcucci | Cello Ulrike Brand


by HTM Berlin Hamburg
Eurythmy Theatre Production based on a text by Judith Hermann

February 2, 2018 | 20:00


HUNTER-TOMPSON‐MUSIK combines movement, scene, dialogue, narration, music collage, song and light design into a 70‐minute stage play. In the center of the production the self‐titled text of the Berlin author Judith Hermann from the storybook “Sommerhaus, später ” (1998 S. Fischer Verlag). On display is the story of Hunter Tompson, a resident of a run‐down New York hotel, an asylum for the elderly, of his inspirational music and an unexpected encounter with a young woman that will turn his everyday life upside down, with an uncertain outcome…

I found the ‚melange’ of drama and eurythmy quite unique, (…) through the fluid changes of roles, this mixing and merging (…) pleased and enlivens and satisfies …” (from the premiere in Hamburg 5.11.17 / C.G. Berlin)

dancers /actresses Charlotte C. Frisch, Bettina Grube, Roswitha Meyer‐Wahl directors Kjell ‐ Johan Häggmark (choreography), Bodo Bühling (theatre) composer Mela Meierhans with the music ‐ Collage *) with works by Bach, Meierhans, Mozart, Satie  costume designer Katja Nestle / onnenlinna berlin light design / sound technology Stephan Kraske

*) The works of Bach, Mozart, Satie are played by Laura Gallati, piano (recorded 2017), the works of Meierhans are played by Felix Kroll, accordion (recorded 2017) Sponsors of the project: GLS Treuhand, Verein oh‐r42 e.V. Berlin, Stiftung Evidenz CH, Förderstiftung Anthroposophie, Stiftung EDITH MARYON, Damus Donata e.V. as well as private donators. Performance rights with S. Fischer Verlag Frankfurt am Main.