Don Giovanni in Sweden

Don Giovanni in Sweden
Cinema Cantabile

09. December 2017, 8pm


Concept and Direction: Agnes Fabich & Franziska Guggenbichler Beck
Cinema Cantabile developed this unique format which combines opera and cinema. This time they dealt with one of the most multi-layered oeuvres in music history: “Don Giovanni” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Don Giovanni returns to his village and the story about passion, obsession and tragedy takes its course. All the characters on the screen do not talk or sing themselves. Opera singers who are present in the cinema theatre synchronize their lip movements.
It is up to the audience to decide whether it is the screen or the live music who is telling the truth.
For this performance, the pianist Richard Siedhoff will elaborate a special composition that is based on the music of Mozart’s opera.
After the performance, the film “Sherlock Jr.“ by Buster Keaton will be screened and accompanied by Richard Siedhoff.


Puccini’s Toaster

December 17th, 2017 at 7pm


Concept and Musical Direction: Caroline Staunton & Rebecca Lang

Advent, Advent! At Puccini’s Toaster, we’re not feeling the Christmas Oratorio, rather we are in the mood for a song cycle. Our gift this holiday season in Schubert’s Winterreise, though a little different than you’ve seen it before – 24 singers of different voice types for each of the 24 songs: Baritones, tenors, mezzo-sopranos and sopranos together with one heroic pianist. Take a trip through Wintertime with our ensemble and be enchanted by songs about love and longing in all their colors.

Concept and musical direction: Caroline Staunton & Rebecca Lang

Good night – Joa Helgesson
The weather vane – Katrin Le Provost
Frozen Tears – Julien Ségol
Solidification – Julie Wyma
The lime tree – Rachel Fenlon
Water Flood – Tyler Clarke
On the river – Ziad Nehme
Review – Vera-Lotte Böcker
Wisp – Sarah Ring
Rest – Davia Bouley
Spring Dream – Julian Arsenault
Loneliness – Laura Atkinson
Swiss Post – Reuben Walker
The old head – Stephen Bronk
The Crow – Sylvia Klein-Bronk
Last Hope – Marie-Audrey Schatz
In the village – Seth Carico
The stormy morning – Robert Watson
Deception – Caitlin Redding
The signpost – Allen Boxer
The Inn – Markus Brück
Courage! – Sally Drutman
The parhelia – Mary Osborne
The Lyreman – Jason Steigerwalt


The Winter’s Tale

The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare Company Berlin

21./22./23. December 2017, each 7:30pm and
28./29./30. December 2017, each 7:30pm


Berührende Familiengeschichte mit märchenhaftem Ausgang, inszeniert mit Puppenspiel, Live-Musik und einem wandlungsfähigen Ensemble

In seinem versöhnlichen und gehaltvollen Spätwerk variiert Shakespeare auf beeindruckende Weise gleich mehrere seiner großen Themen, Rivalität und Eifersucht, Tatkraft und Intrige, junge Liebe und späte Erkenntnis zu einer bewegenden Familiengeschichte über Verblendung, Verirrung und Versöhnung.
Die märchenhaften Elemente setzt die Inszenierung mit lebensnahen Puppen um, die von den Schauspielern gespielt und gesprochen werden, während die dramatischen Szenen uns als höchst emotionales Kammerspiel vor Augen führen, dass Eifersucht und Machtmissbrauch zeitlose Phänomene sind, die nur durch menschliche Entwicklung transformiert und aufgelöst werden können. Das wandelbare, raffiniert eingesetzte Bühnenbild lädt das Publikum zur Fantasiereise und zum Eintauchen in verschiedene Welten ein, die Shakespeare auch hier wieder kunstvoll miteinander verwoben hat: Die Königreiche Sizilien und Böhmen, die sich trotz jahrelanger Freundschaft ihrer Potentaten plötzlich zerstreiten, stehen symbolisch für den Unfrieden in der Welt, der entstehen kann, wenn nur zwei Machthaber sich entzweien und die Folgegenerationen zwingen wollen, ihren Hass zu teilen.
Mit vier Schauspielern, Puppenspiel und Live-Musik wird das WINTERMÄRCHEN zu einer feinen, psychologisch genauen und dennoch in den theatralen Mitteln spektakulären Inszenierung.

Swinging Silvesterball

Swinging Silvesterball

31. December 2017, 8pm


Ring in the new year with style at our elegant New Year’s Eve ball, inspired by the Golden Twenties!

This year, the New Orleans jazz and swing band Dizzy Birds will accompany you through this extraordinary night.

Enjoy our generous selection of snacks and hors d’oeuvre (included in the price), performances, burlesque and other surprises.

As always, we will also have a swing taster (try-out lesson) to get the dance floor shaking and show us how to do it right.
And of course that is not all! CABARET, TAROT, BLEIGIEßEN (traditional German fortune telling tradition), DJs and other surprises are part of the program.
All of this in the magical atmosphere of the FORMER SILENT FILM THEATER DELPHI, a beautiful and elegant place that has remained frozen in time like a hidden jewel. Do not miss the night of the year and say farewell to 2017 with a bang!

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If you would like to reserve a table with a group, please book all tickets together in one booking process.
Already booked separately? Then please send us all the ticket numbers in an email, so that we can put you together at

Schubert: Reload

Saturday, April 1, 8pm
Sunday, April 2, 4pm

Eroica Berlin
Direction: Jakob Lehmann

Franz Schubert
Symphony No. 7 in B minor “Unfinished Symphony”
Symphony No. 9 in C major “The Great”

Eroica Berlin combines Schubert’s “Unfinished” Symphony No. 7, with his “Great” 8th Symphony.
With interpretive expertise, musical vitality and unrestrained joy, Eroica Berlin will fill our house with life through these two Schubert classics – a concert experience with a “great finish”.

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STEGREIF – the improvising symphony orchestra

July 7, 2017, 8:30pm


Art Direction, Arrangement, Composition: Juri de Marco

22 cross-genre musicians who value the heritage of classical composition as well as free improvisation, embark together on an adventurous journey to modify existing works.
The starting point for this new sound experience are classical symphonies and conductors combined with sheet music-free concert, in a combination which leaves room for choreography.
The word “Impromptu” is anchored conceptually in horsemanship and means to be able to at any moment stirrup up and jump. It is precisely this flexibility and freedom which will be bestowed to the orchestra and the audience.


Siciliano Contemporary Ballet presents

Friday, April, 7, 8pm
Saturday, April, 8, 8pm
Sunday, April, 9, 5pm

The red carpet of the Gods had been cut by a materialistic cult, and while its followers were feasting, the masses were captivated by miracles bargaining their freewill. A black army is moving forward to crucify Rome, twisting all the teachings of the first. We have no idea of how many impregnable rooms there are, darkness can be even in the highest rituals. The statues observe like sentries the thin line between light and shadow. 

Roma is an inquiry on the charm of the city, on the reason why the city has been the centre of a complex history, brutal and so inspiring for so much art and beauty.

Choreography and Concept: Salvatore Siciliano

Music: Matresanch

Performance: Siciliano Contemporary Ballet
Berit Einemo Frøysland, Marika Giannoccari, Bianca Lozano Sanders, Michela Rossi, Rachel Tack, Andrea Galad, Davide Troiani, Anna Kawai

Dramaturgy: Matresanch

Costumes: ANTONELLA MIRCO, TINEOLA, Ruth Best & Alison Chernesky

Set design: Marica De Michele, Matteo Reza Azchirvani

Photo: Underskin

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