La Périchole

by Jacques Offenbach

Performed by the students of the music conservatory ‘Hanns Eisler’ Berlin.

January 23 and 24, 2018 | 19:30


A street-singer’s affair with a viceroy: Excerpts from an Offenbach-operetta about power, hunger, and hope for a better life. Staged and sung by the students of music conservatory ‘Hanns Eisler’ Berlin. A four-part grotesque-absurd tragedy intended to laugh along.

Directors Gabrielė Bakšytė, Christoph Clausen, Johanna Frech, Ruth Asralda | Mentoring Prof. Corinna von Rad | Musical direction Prof. Byron Knutson | Set and costume design Lena Bohnet, Doris Mumhofer, Hana Reintges, Philine Stich

A cooperation with the degree program of Costume and Set Design of the Academy of fine arts Weißensee Berlin.

RSB Chamber Concert

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

January 25, 2018 | 19:30


Allow this concert to be a work of art in its entirety: the morbid charm of the old silent film cinema, the illustratively inspiring pictures of the screen behind the chamber orchestra and the music with a range from Sacher torte to dry bread. In addition a good glass of red wine!

Puccini’s chrysanthemums at the beginning seem to be flinging themselves charmingly to make way for Stravinsky’s brilliant string-strokes. Steffen Tast likes to combine it with Georges Méliès’ film “Journey to the Moon” from 1902. This combination promises a sensual adventure: informative, funny, imaginative, amusing. The interval is followed by crass “minimal music” by Steve Reich. Four violins are all play the same music, but gradually offset by split seconds. This constant irritation you can only resist – with all pleasure – just as long as the piece lasts: nine minutes.

And then: Prepare yourself for the high-flying thoroughbred sounds of Verdi’s string quartet.

Direction Steffen Tast


Electroacoustic Composition
by Luca Forcucci | Cello: Ulrike Brand
transmediale + CTM Vorspiel 2018

January 27, 2018 | 19:00


Bodyscape is a site-specific electroacoustic composition with live electronics and cello. The performance space and its architectural resonating and spatial characteristics are included. The main idea focuses on the body as the initial source of inspiration and sonic source, as well as reworked live recordings from performances at the Lab Gallery in San Francisco, USA at Centre Friedrich Dürrenmatt in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Bodyscape includes as well field recordings at the border of Botswana and South Africa. Then, the research was conducted further in other regions of South Africa and on the base of a text from the Swiss writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt (L’épidémie virale en Afrique du sud) from December 2015 to January 2016.

The novel was published originally in the column of a Swiss newspaper and describes a virus transforming the body of white persons into black ones. A text about privileges and how those are kept in a specific context. Luca Forcucci explored the country with the text in mind and observed the division after the end of the apartheid. The composition includes layers of cut-up text, pictures, video and sound composed into an electroacoustic piece, like a road movie.

Live Electronics, Field Recordings, Composition, Video Luca Forcucci | Cello Ulrike Brand


by HTM Berlin Hamburg
Eurythmy Theatre Production based on a text by Judith Hermann

February 2, 2018 | 20:00


HUNTER-TOMPSON‐MUSIK combines movement, scene, dialogue, narration, music collage, song and light design into a 70‐minute stage play. In the center of the production the self‐titled text of the Berlin author Judith Hermann from the storybook “Sommerhaus, später ” (1998 S. Fischer Verlag). On display is the story of Hunter Tompson, a resident of a run‐down New York hotel, an asylum for the elderly, of his inspirational music and an unexpected encounter with a young woman that will turn his everyday life upside down, with an uncertain outcome…

I found the ‚melange’ of drama and eurythmy quite unique, (…) through the fluid changes of roles, this mixing and merging (…) pleased and enlivens and satisfies …” (from the premiere in Hamburg 5.11.17 / C.G. Berlin)

dancers /actresses Charlotte C. Frisch, Bettina Grube, Roswitha Meyer‐Wahl directors Kjell ‐ Johan Häggmark (choreography), Bodo Bühling (theatre) composer Mela Meierhans with the music ‐ Collage *) with works by Bach, Meierhans, Mozart, Satie  costume designer Katja Nestle / onnenlinna berlin light design / sound technology Stephan Kraske

*) The works of Bach, Mozart, Satie are played by Laura Gallati, piano (recorded 2017), the works of Meierhans are played by Felix Kroll, accordion (recorded 2017) Sponsors of the project: GLS Treuhand, Verein oh‐r42 e.V. Berlin, Stiftung Evidenz CH, Förderstiftung Anthroposophie, Stiftung EDITH MARYON, Damus Donata e.V. as well as private donators. Performance rights with S. Fischer Verlag Frankfurt am Main.

Nosferatu with Live Soundscape

with symphonic soundscape
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience Berlin
transmediale + CTM Vorspiel 2018

February, 3 2018 | 19:00


After a spectacular and well received performance 2016 in London with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience at The Lime Wharf with maestro musicians & artists based in London, The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience will be gracing the stage of the Delphi performing an improvised symphonic soundscape to the 1922 German Expressionist horror film ‘Nosferatu’, (directed by F. W. Murnau).

The performance will begin with an opening ceremony where Aude Françoise and Cristiana LaFenice Palias will perform together in a metatheatrical surreal exhibition combining voice and projection. Aude will use projectors to create a series of shadow sculptures, combining paper cuts, color filters and glass material projecting on the ceiling of the cinema. During the evening the composition evolves in an organic manner, creating a dramatic but subtle light composition in conjunction with the movie. The room will be filled with diffracted light object slowly modified by performative gestures, as an improvised visual collage. The cinema will be immersed in a multi directional light-play, immersing the spectators in floating light decor.

Cristiana uses her voice as a sonic point of departure, re-enacting the persona of Ellen Hutter, the protagonist female in Nosferatu. This opening ceremony will be followed by the screening of NOSFERATU – SYMPHONIE DES GRAUENS, accompanied by the improvised live set of the symphonic soundscape by Derrick Cooper Marquardt & The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience Berlin.

Aftershow: After the film we will present 10 min. performance from Femina Nicht Grata, a Ritual performance for collective healing and rebirth.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: accidental guitar | Wilfried Hanrath: bass-guitar, sounds | Jens Prümper: electronics | Stefan Zöllner: electronics | Norbert Zajac: vocals | Brigitte Küpper: vocals | Gaby Bila-Günther: spoken word | Simone Weißenfels : piano | Anja Kreysing: Sound Artist and Accordionist | Oliver Rivera Drew: Drums & Percussion | Diego Ferri: samplers and percussions | Fabio Campagna: prepared organ electronics | Emiliano Pietrini: Theremin | Ulrike Brand – VIOLONCELLO | Andréa Bryan: video-performance | Aude Françoise : video-performance | Lena Chen aka Femina Non Grata : A ritual performance for collective healing and rebirth | Cristiana LaFenice Palias : Film & Event Assistant | Marius Roth: film & camera documentation | Bert Loewenherz: foto documentation | Kerstin Böttcher: Press

Forget Winnetou!

Forget Winnetou! Going Beyond Native Stereotypes in Germany
Directed and Produced by Red Haircrow
Documentary Film World Premiere

February 11, 2018 | 16:00


Winnetou, the still popular American Indian character created by German author Karl May in the 19th century is a symbol of Native stereotypes, of lingering racism & colonialism: the self-bestowed privilege of taking and using whatever you want, even living peoples, for self-gratification. Intentional or not, these attitudes and behaviours continue the cycle of genocide, and can be harmful to everyone, no matter their ethnicity. While some may minimize the effect or harm of stereotypes, they are evidence of much deeper societal issues of injustice, inequality and inequity many countries now face.

Germany is a microcosm of struggles taking place across the world both against and for decolonization, for correcting white privilege and supremacy that’s divided and helped destroy our world. Stereotypes were created to keep themselves in power…and others under their control.

Our feature length documentary will utilize live-action scenes, interviews and animated sequences illustrating the theme.

> Trailer

> Read a comment by Red Haircrow in Süddeutsche Zeitung (German).

> Interview with Red Haircrow in der Freitag (German)

Length 70-90 minutes | Languages English, German | Subtitles German, English
Filming Locations Germany; Oklahoma, USA; Tennessee, USA; Pennsylvania, USA

Director & Producer Red Haircrow | Editor Red Haircrow | Music Johnny Clyde | Still Photography Jen Osborne, Bernd Sauer-Diete, Viveka Frost, Red Haircrow | Animation & Graphics Red Haircrow, Natasha John, Johnny Clyde | Videographers Red Haircrow, Timo Kiesel, Viveka Frost, Mark D. Williams | Technical Support Haven Smith, Johnny Clyde

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The Theater in Delphi is saved! With around 33,000 euros from the Startnext campaign, the proceeds from our overwhelming opening weekend and the support of the Berlin Senate, the operation of the theater is secured for 2018. Sincere thanks to all supporters of our fan base, the neighbourhood, and politicians, from Berlin and beyond! You helped us with your encouragement and generosity through these turbulent recent weeks and months. We wish a happy new year to all of you.