Unheard Of

Kareth Schaffer: Unheard Of
Dance performance

30. November 2017 8pm
01. December 2017 8pm

Tickets: http://www.tickets.per-aspera.net

The performance Unheard Of explores the craft of “foley” as a choreographic tool and perfor-mative practice, diving into the world of cinematic post-pro-duction: the manipulation of objects and bodies produces the illusory and ominous soundscapes of the movies. Everyday movements underlie the “realer than real” aesthetic of our most graphic images – even when these images are neither possib-le nor desirable.


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Opening Weekend


On December 2 and 3 we will have a weekend of events to celebrate the re-opening of the theater – and help raise the funds we need to stay open for good! Join us for an exciting program. More information soon on this website.



The Delphi has been undergoing renovations since February 2017. But not to worry, the patina stays!. We will always protect and keep the interior as you know it.
The renovations are only for the inner organs of the building, a new ventilation system, a modern smoke extraction system for fire protection, a soundproof wall and new electrics. So while the Delphi will look the same, it will run even better than before.

Opening Gala

Opening Gala

02. December 2017, 7:30pm

An evening of performances, speeches, and champagne toasts to celebrate the re-opening of the Theater in Delphi, and to raise the last funds we need to recover from the theft of our equipment. Featuring performances by artists from our upcoming program including Kareth Schaffer, Gamut Inc., Takako Suzuki, Puccinis Toaster, Per Aspera, and more.

Open House Benefit

Open House Benefit

03. December 2017, starting 2pm

Join us for a fun filled day and evening of performances and surprises, to celebrate the re-opening of the Theater in Delphi, and to raise the last funds we need to recover from the theft of our equipment.

We have a very exciting program for you including classical concerts, silent film, theater, dance, hot jazz, swing, burlesque, and more!

Throughout the day there will be additional activities such as a children’s craft corner, a fundraiser auction where you can bid on fabulous offers such as massage, art, or tickets to an event.

The program is as follows:

From 14:00 Pass the Crayon – Children’s craft corner

14:00 Charles Rosen Ensemble – Traditional and new classical music
15:00 Eroica Berlin – An orchestra inspired by Beethoven
16:00 Silent Film with live piano accompaniment
17:00 SINAI Orchestral Theater – Music Theater
17:45 Kazuma Glen Motomura – Post break dance meets martial arts
18:20 Miss Natasha Enquist – Electro-Accordion Chanteuse
18:45 Swing Patrol Berlin – Swing dance taster
19:00 Dizzy Birds – live Hot Jazz and Swing to get you dancing!
20:00 Cabaret featuring:
>Berlin Belles – 1920’s Chorus Line
>Henna-Elise Selkälä – Contemporary Flamenco
>Anja Pavlova – Burlesque
20:30 Swing DJ from Swing Patrol Berlin to dance the night away

FREE ENTRY! Donations will be collected.

If you cannot attend our event there is still a possibility to support us through our crowdunding campaign: https://www.startnext.com/en/rettet-das-theater-im-delphi We have not yet reached our goal.

More Than One Species

More Than One Species
Choreography: Takako Suzuki

05. December 2017, 8pm German premiere
06. December 2017, 8pm

Tickets: http://www.tickets.per-aspera.net

“More than one species” is a dialogue about sexuality manifested and at the same time hidden in Georgian culture and social construct. It explores the perception of the human body, its freedoms and constraints, throughout the country’s last decades. The dancers and musicians come from the traditional as well as experimental dance and music scene. They bring their experience to create an installation, where working process is inspired by personal interviews, myths, legends, and images from the visual arts and real life.

The piece is part of a cross platform project The Mysterious Georgian Body. Through various artistic activities the project aims to reflect upon Georgia’s recent history of sexuality.

Concept, direction and choreography Takako Suzuki | JP/DE
Music composition Matthias Müller | DE
Dancers Elene Enukidze, Giorgi Gulisashvili, Lasha Mdzinarishvili | GE
Musicians Giorgi Iremashvili (percussion), Giorgi Zenaishvili (string instuments) | GE, Matthias Müller (trombone)
Costume Design Simon Machabeli | GE
Light design Vazha Aprasidze, Tilman Agueras | GE/DE
Stage design Takako Suzuki
Artistic advice Inna Margvelashvili | GE
Curating and general concept Salomé Jashi | GE/DE

“More than one species” is a Georgian-German co-production Produced by Indigo Publishing with the support of Goethe Institute’s International Coproduction Fund, Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection, Tbilisi Municipality, Women’s Fund Georgia, BetterFly Advertising in partnership with the South Caucasus Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival in Tbilisi. The piece is part of the Georgian-German Year 2017.

Don Giovanni in Sweden

Don Giovanni in Sweden
Cinema Cantabile

09. December 2017, 8pm

Tickets: http://www.tickets.per-aspera.net

Concept and Direction: Agnes Fabich & Franziska Guggenbichler Beck
Cinema Cantabile developed this unique format which combines opera and cinema. This time they dealt with one of the most multi-layered oeuvres in music history: “Don Giovanni” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Don Giovanni returns to his village and the story about passion, obsession and tragedy takes its course. All the characters on the screen do not talk or sing themselves. Opera singers who are present in the cinema theatre synchronize their lip movements.
It is up to the audience to decide whether it is the screen or the live music who is telling the truth.
For this performance, the pianist Richard Siedhoff will elaborate a special composition that is based on the music of Mozart’s opera.
After the performance, the film “Sherlock Jr.“ by Buster Keaton will be screened and accompanied by Richard Siedhoff.


Puccini’s Toaster

December 17th, 2017 at 7pm

Tickets: http://www.tickets.per-aspera.net

Concept and Musical Direction: Caroline Staunton & Rebecca Lang

Advent, Advent! At Puccini’s Toaster, we’re not feeling the Christmas Oratorio, rather we are in the mood for a song cycle. Our gift this holiday season in Schubert’s Winterreise, though a little different than you’ve seen it before – 24 singers of different voice types for each of the 24 songs: Baritones, tenors, mezzo-sopranos and sopranos together with one heroic pianist. Take a trip through Wintertime with our ensemble and be enchanted by songs about love and longing in all their colors.

Concept and musical direction: Caroline Staunton & Rebecca Lang

Good night – Joa Helgesson
The weather vane – Katrin Le Provost
Frozen Tears – Julien Ségol
Solidification – Julie Wyma
The lime tree – Rachel Fenlon
Water Flood – Tyler Clarke
On the river – Ziad Nehme
Review – Vera-Lotte Böcker
Wisp – Sarah Ring
Rest – Davia Bouley
Spring Dream – Julian Arsenault
Loneliness – Laura Atkinson
Swiss Post – Reuben Walker
The old head – Stephen Bronk
The Crow – Sylvia Klein-Bronk
Last Hope – Marie-Audrey Schatz
In the village – Seth Carico
The stormy morning – Robert Watson
Deception – Caitlin Redding
The signpost – Allen Boxer
The Inn – Markus Brück
Courage! – Sally Drutman
The parhelia – Mary Osborne
The Lyreman – Jason Steigerwalt


The Winter’s Tale

The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare Company Berlin

21./22./23. December 2017, each 7:30pm and
28./29./30. December 2017, each 7:30pm

Tickets: http://www.tickets.per-aspera.net

Berührende Familiengeschichte mit märchenhaftem Ausgang, inszeniert mit Puppenspiel, Live-Musik und einem wandlungsfähigen Ensemble

In seinem versöhnlichen und gehaltvollen Spätwerk variiert Shakespeare auf beeindruckende Weise gleich mehrere seiner großen Themen, Rivalität und Eifersucht, Tatkraft und Intrige, junge Liebe und späte Erkenntnis zu einer bewegenden Familiengeschichte über Verblendung, Verirrung und Versöhnung.
Die märchenhaften Elemente setzt die Inszenierung mit lebensnahen Puppen um, die von den Schauspielern gespielt und gesprochen werden, während die dramatischen Szenen uns als höchst emotionales Kammerspiel vor Augen führen, dass Eifersucht und Machtmissbrauch zeitlose Phänomene sind, die nur durch menschliche Entwicklung transformiert und aufgelöst werden können. Das wandelbare, raffiniert eingesetzte Bühnenbild lädt das Publikum zur Fantasiereise und zum Eintauchen in verschiedene Welten ein, die Shakespeare auch hier wieder kunstvoll miteinander verwoben hat: Die Königreiche Sizilien und Böhmen, die sich trotz jahrelanger Freundschaft ihrer Potentaten plötzlich zerstreiten, stehen symbolisch für den Unfrieden in der Welt, der entstehen kann, wenn nur zwei Machthaber sich entzweien und die Folgegenerationen zwingen wollen, ihren Hass zu teilen.
Mit vier Schauspielern, Puppenspiel und Live-Musik wird das WINTERMÄRCHEN zu einer feinen, psychologisch genauen und dennoch in den theatralen Mitteln spektakulären Inszenierung.